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It will automatically enter this information for you when you access an app or service. It’s a useful tool to help manage better security habits. Many prefer to use cross-platform services such as LastPass , Dashlane , or 1Password for this task, though these services may themselves be vulnerable to attack . Apple has iterated its password management tool since it was introduced . As of iOS 14, it now alerts you about the following security weaknesses: Weak passwords: When you use a password that is widely used or easy to guess . Passwords are seen as easy to guess when they use words found in a dictionary or make use of common character substitutions, keyboard patterns, or sequences such as 1,2,3,4. You’ll also be told to change your password if you are using the same one to access multiple sites. Leaked passwords: When a password has appeared in a data leak, such as the one recently revealed at T-Mobile. This system makes use of a continuously updated and curated master list of passwords known to have leaked. The password manager uses strong cryptographic techniques to check your passwords against lists of breached passwords in such a way as your own passwords are never shared. Here is more information on how this works . You set the system up in Settings>iCloud>iCloud Keychain on iOS devices, or System Preferences>Apple ID>iCloud>iCloud Keychain on Macs. Just toggle the feature to On. Once you enable it, the keychain will gather your passwords across all your devices as you access websites and services during use. To check password security on iCloud Keychain follow, these steps: In the Safari menu, open Preferences and then choose Passwords. You’ll need to sign in to access your passwords using Touch ID, your Mac password, or by authenticating with your Apple Watch. You’ll be presented with a list of sites that use a weak or exposed password, signified by a yellow warning triangle. Double tap that triangle to find the reason the password is flagged and to find a link to the site concerned where you can change it to something more secure.

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Montclair Councilor Asks Residents to Tell BOE Members to Fix Urgent School Infrastructure Issues Montclair Councilor at Large Peter Yacobellis has sent an email he describes as “rocking the apple cart.” Yacobellis is urging Montclair residents to contact members of the Montclair Board of Education asking them to not delay in taking action with investing in school infrastructure. Yacobellis is concerned about school board member Eric Scherzer’s statement at the July 26 Board of Education meeting , saying the BOE would hold off on moving forward because of the November ballot referendum on whether Montclair should have an elected or appointed school board this November. “We must move forward on bonding critical work, up to $57.2M , now,” says Yacobellis. “First, no one can predict the outcome of the ballot referendum and we should not nor can we afford to wait. The law empowers all of our various governing bodies with the power to call special sessions. The Board of Education can do this. The Board of School Estimates can do this. The Township Council can do this. If the current calendar of meetings from now through the end of the year doesn’t support the advancement of a bond ordinance or ordinances, then we should change the calendar, call special meetings of these bodies and address these challenges with the urgency that this time calls for. “Second, interest rates are at historic lows and many economists are suggesting that they will soon rise in the Federal Reserve’s effort to check inflation. Every .25% increase in the interest rate will mean millions of dollars in additional cost to finance long term infrastructure investments in our schools. “Third, there are scarcity issues with regard both to labor and materials due to a number of macro factors from COVID-19 to challenges at the ports. These challenges will become exacerbated when Congress (rightfully in my view) passes a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill in the coming weeks as is looking likely. Anyone who has tried to put in a pool, update a kitchen or order furniture is aware of our supply chain challenges. The longer we wait to sign contracts for projects, the further down the priority line we go.” “While I cannot speak for the Council, I am quite confident that if the Board of Education and subsequently the Board of School Estimate put up a bond ordinance, that a majority of us would meet as quickly as possible to contemplate it and likely pass it,” Yacobellis adds. Yacobellis also asks residents to read the District’s Long Term Facilities Assessment.